links and codes

I absolutely love working with and partnering with brands that align to my personal mission and vision of Nomaste Hungry. I am also happy to provide you with affiliate links and codes*, with big thanks to these amazing brands.

*Please note, any codes or affiliate links used for purchase does yield a small commision for me.
I am incredibly critical of the brands I partner with, so rest assured you're getting the best of the best :)

Barney Butter

Have you ever tasted Barney Butter's almond butter before? Well, now you can! Hands down the BEST tasting almond butter, and comes in bare smooth (simply just almonds and salt), crunch, smooth, or chocolate. Yeah, it's delicious.


Hu Kitchen

Local, organic, and insanely clean products from a dynamic brother and sister duo. Hu Kitchen's roots stem from NYC, and specialize in chocolate bars, baking gems, dark chocolate covered nuts, and crackers. Their baking gems are a staple in my chocolate recipes, and I can't get enough of their Crunchy Mint chocolate bars.

LINK: Hu Kitchen

Thrive Market

Thrive Market has been part of my regular grocery shopping since 2016. You can find incredible products for up to 60% off on the regular! I'm talking bone broth, tomato sauce, dish soap, food prep items, home and wellness products, baby items, and more. Thrive Market has their own line of goods as well; it's legit. The best part? It's all ONLINE! All for a yearly subscription, which goes to helping families in need.

LINK: Thrive Market

One Mighty Mill

I've fallen in love with wheat all over again with One Mighty Mill's flours, bagels, pretzels, and tortillas. One of the last and oldest organic stone mill companies, OMM prides themselves on their clean and healthy practices, with the mission of making good quality products made out of high quality flour!

LINK: One Mighty Mill

Josie's Best GF

I'm not allergic or sensitive to gluten, but I do appreciate brands that make gluten-free options, because I'm always looking to eat well and well-rounded. Insert Josie's Best! She is a mom of three boys and devoted to making delicious tasting GF mixes such as waffle and pancake mix. We always have it stocked in our home, and now you can too!


Foodtography School

I would be NOWHERE without my Foodtography School family. I mean it. I found Sarah Crawford, CEO and founder of Foodtog School, after late-night scrolling on Insta and fell in LOVE with her (and her amazing team) posts, curation of feed, and the way they made food photography insanely accessible. I am so fortunate to have stumbled upon FS; I know my progress is in big part to them. I highly suggest the iFoodtography School course, as this is what has launched my success forward


Hedley & Bennett

Have you ever seen Top Chef, or cooking competitions of these brilliantly talented chefs? Did you ever notice their aprons? Hedley & Bennett provide them, and man these aprons are legit. Creator and founder Ellen Bennett wanted to reimagine function and fashion for those in the culinary world, and she did so by creating these beautiful and industrial aprons. Trust me, you need one.

LINK: Hedley & Bennett


You know this brand by Staub, Ballarini, Miyabi, Henckels, and Demeyere. Zwilling is the brand to use when it comes to cookware, cutlery, and all kitchen essentials. Staub is a staple in my home, as well as Zwilling kitchen tools such as my kitchen scale and flatware. Grab yourself some classic and timeless pieces and you won't go wrong!

LINK: Zwilling