Rigatoni with Sausage and Broccoli

Pasta makes everything better. Add in some ground Italian sausage, broccoli, in a garlic and oil sauce, and it's the best tasting pasta dish you'll make by far. What's better than garlic, oil, and carbs?


  • 1 lb ground pork sausage
  • 3 tbsp avocado oil
  • 2 cups broccoli florets, chopped
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 cups chicken stock or veggie stock
  • Red pepper flakes
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Rinse and chop broccoli into small florets and set aside.
  2. If you have sausage links, use a knife to pierce the sausage and take the ground meat out of the casing.
  3. Add 2 tbsp of oil to a deep frying pan or Dutch oven and begin to brown the ground sausage, approximately 4-5 minutes.
  4. Remove the sausage. To the pan or Dutch oven, add in the garlic, broccoli, and a little bit of the stock (or water). Cover to let steam and cook for 5-7m.
  5. Add back in the ground sausage and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Cover and let cook 5 minutes so that the broccoli begins to soften. Add in more of the stock and gauge the tenderness of the broccoli.
  6. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and stir.
  7. To the pan, add the drained pasta (leaving a little bit of pasta water for the sausage and broccoli). Stir on low for 3-4 minutes. Serve immediately.