Sparkling Spiked Lemonade


As the temperature outside continues to climb, and the humidity gets stronger, I know I always love a glass of ice cold lemonade. There’s nothing like making your own, but store bought is just as yummy. What could possibly make lemonade any better? VODKA. Yes, a shot of vodka makes this lemonade a spiked lemonade, and the addition of sparkling water dubs this the Sparkling Spiked Lemonade cocktail of your dreams.

I’m not a big fan of vodka, but when it’s a quality vodka I’ll dabble. Tito’s is one of my favorites, and it blends well with all mixers. When making a drink such as this sparkling spiked lemonade, it’s easy to add more than the allotted vodka. I will admit here too that when creating this drink, I initially thought just one shot would do. A girlfriend of mine who was here with me when I tested it said “Um no, add another.” Thus, this drink has two very large shots of vodka. It’s good, like really good.

Spiked Lemonade Tips:

  • Add the mint at the bottom of the pitcher. It will wilt easier instead of adding it at the end of making the drink.
  • When pouring the drink, use a strainer to catch the mint if that’s not your thing. Or, leave the mint out!
  • Double the recipe for a larger batch. This recipe is a “small batch” recipe, yielding approximately 3 cocktails as the recipe is written.

Sparkling Spiked Lemonade

Step into summer with this ultra fancy lemonade *cue music.* This sparkling spiked lemonade will be on your cocktail rotation this summer, ehem, hot girl summer. Don't skimp on that vodka!!



  • 2 shots vodka
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • 1 1/4 cup lemonade
  • 1/2 cup sparkling water
  • Ice cubes


  1. In a pitcher, sprinkle in the mint leaves.
  2. Pour in the vodka, lemonade, and sparkling water.
  3. tir to combine.
  4. Last, add in the ice and let chill for an hour before serving.

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