Chocolate Moussé

Is there anything better than homemade chocolate moussé? This quick, three-ingredient version is everything you want in a moussé: soft, textured, and ultra chocolatey. Whip this up in minutes and have it for breakfast, we don't judge here.

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This & that

Gluten Free Honey Banana Muffins

Another muffin recipe? Oh yes, honey ;) These honey banana muffins are everything your tastebuds need when craving a sweet breakfast, or snack! Plus, this version is gluten and dairy free, so consider these healthy muffins to boot! Featuring local, raw honey, this recipe doesn't get any better.


Triple Threat Cookies

The ultimate cookie! Triple threat cookies combine three varieties of chocolate, loaded with flavor and the perfect chewy texture. Perfect cookie for any day of the week!

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I'm Morgan

Special Educator by day, home cook and baker by night! This blog is nothing short of delicious recipes from my kitchen to yours.


Summer Sauce

A refreshing twist on homemade red sauce! Hellooooo summer sauce: perfectly aromatic with garlic, basil, and stewed tomatoes over a beautiful plate of pasta. It doesn't get much better than this.

Drinks and Cocktails

Rose Sangria

Welcome to your new favorite drink to make for literally ANY occasion: Rose Sangria. This easy sangria is made with ingredients you definitely have in your house, and is quite possibly the best tasting thing ever. Like, ever.