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Welcome to Nomaste Hungry, a blog dedicated to all things food.

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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf.

Welcome to Nomaste Hungry, a food blog dedicated to my unrelenting love of food.  My name is Morgan and I the recipe developer, photographer, taste tester, and creator of Nomaste Hungry.  This blog was born out of a trip to Europe in 2018, when life seemed simpler, less hectic.  This particular trip ignited my love for cuisine, for a good glass of wine, a belly laugh over a plate of pasta, and really hammered home the need to channel my writing into recipe development and “foodie” content. This was also the last trip my husband and I took, because we recently became parents to a beautiful baby boy, Rowen. Food was always something that brought happiness to my heart.

I always remember sharing meals with family, friends, and it being the best of times.  When you’re gathered with your people, you’re in the greatest company, and when it’s with a solid meal, there’s no comparison. Sunday morning breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, and a box of Dunkin Donuts. Family dinners of Chicken Scampi, pizza nights, or a really delicious brisket on the High holidays.  Lots of the recipes here are inspiration from family recipes, flavors and ideas that swim in my mind, and inspiration from colleague bloggers.  I’m not gluten or dairy free, but trust me you’ll find plenty of options here on Nomaste Hungry – you won’t go hungry that’s for sure.

I hope you find some recipes that you can keep for years to come, alter them to adjust to your liking, and share with family and friends.  I put all my love and heart into developing and creating these, and look forward to sharing some of my favorites from my mom and grandmother’s recipe box too.  I hope that this blog serves a purpose for you too: to fall in love with the kitchen, and challenge yourself to try new things, no matter the trials.

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